On set of Best Medicine, a film I produced, Summer 2017.
Orange is the New Black. Spring 2106
Love doing period pieces! Fall 2015
Costar. Girls HBO Season 4 Episode 7. Me and Lena Dunham/Hanna Horvath

Pharmaceutical Industrial. My call sheet said "Hero," well, here ya go!
Green screen work is always fun!

Screenshot from a music video for Angel Vivaldi's "Two." We traveled to Mars to film this.

July 2014. On set in North Carolina filming a music video for a metal band. Lead actor. Sand dunes. 

Enter Sandman. Wilson/Castaway?

Booked a co-star on Girls HBO! June 2014

In my teeny trailer on set of Girls HBO about to shoot my scene with Lena. June 2014

March 2014. On set of The Drill, to be released this month. 

Production shot from Winter 2011 on set of "Ice Cream Girl" Directed by the award winning Gary King.

Screenshot from Nat Geo Wild's "When Sharks Attack." Aired August 8th 2013.

Screenshot from Nat Geo Wild's "When Sharks Attack." Aired August 8th 2013.

On set of "When Sharks Attack" on the Nat Geo Wild channel. Fall 2013.

On set as the lead in a short film. Long Island Summer 2013
Screenshot from "The World's Astonishing News" which aired in Japan Spring 2013
Another screenshot from "The World's Astonishing News."

March 2013. At Republic Airport on the set of "The World's Astonishing News."

March 2013. Wrapping up a 16 hour day on "The World's Astonishing News." Cheers! 
February 2013. Filming a parody of the Geico commercials.

Late 2012. Doing some ADR work for a short film. 
Photo Shoot. Fall 2012.

April 2012. In LA with the lovely Courtney Cavanagh at the screening of our short film Paradigm.
April 2012. On the red carpet at the afterparty in Beverly Hills. Paradigm wins Best Short Thriller at the NY International Film Festival!
August 2012. Getting all serious for  my psycho kidnapper role in"Where Dell Went."
In the Arizona desert summer 2012 with Davian James on the set of "Where Dell Went." The heat was incredible.
April 2013. Screenshot of my closeup on "49 Minutes."
April 2012. Resurrected from the dead. "49 Minutes"
Spring 2011 had me rockin a beard and long hair. 

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